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What is Dyslexia?

Books titled The Gift of Dyslexia and The Gift of Learning by Ron Davis that explain the Davis approach and methods for overcoming learning difficulties associated with dyslexia
“The mental function that causes dyslexia is a natural ability, a talent. It is something special that enhances the individual.”

~ Ron Davis

Dyslexics are intelligent people who often experience great difficulty in areas such as reading, writing, spelling, maths, motor skills, organisation, focus, time and processing.

A person’s way of learning reflects their preferred thinking style. People with Dyslexia simply have an alternative way of thinking with pictures and images. This often enables them to picture things with great speed and clarity.

This perceptual thinking works very well in the 3D world but leads to confusion in the 2D world of symbols and print. Symbols, words, letters and numbers trigger confusion because things don’t make sense.

The dog sat on the mat

When there isn’t a picture for a word, such as “the, on”, this is the moment the confusion can start for a picture thinker. (There are 217 small words with no picture!) Further confusion happens as incorrect information is being absorbed and frustration is experienced when mistakes are made. Confusion and the related anxiety are the main blockages to effective learning.

This negative emotional reaction leads to low self esteem and developing cover up strategies. There is a tremendous amount of shame, embarrassment and humiliation attached to not being able to read and write fluently. It is a dyslexic’s worst nightmare to be caught out and exposed in the workforce, school or within the family circle.

This alternative way of thinking may affect 1 in 10 New Zealanders. Often the symptoms of dyslexia do not show themselves until a child starts school.

Dyslexia solution


People, who think with pictures or mental images in a creative and multi-dimensional way, benefit from hands-on learning mastering symbols and words in clay. Therefore the concept becomes part of the individual who has created it. This is true mastery.

The symptoms are not constant or consistent and no two dyslexics have identical symptoms. This is why each Davis Dyslexia Programme is specifically customized for each individual, to address the aspects of dyslexia which are negatively affecting their life and preventing them from reaching their full potential in the education system or workplace.

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