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Davis Reading Programme for Young Learners

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“At the heart of the Davis Young Reader Programme are techniques for focusing attention and understanding the meaning and roles of the most commonly encountered symbols and function words of language.”

~ Ron Davis

“This FUN approach enhances a child's learning experience and paves the way for future academic success in later years.”

~ Sharon Pfeiffer

This learning enhancement programme works with children before the age of 9. It was developed to assist the parents and child in a unique learning partnership. By working together with a facilitator, early intervention and quality support result in great progress. It provides the foundation skills of alphabet mastery, 3 step reading activities and provides a scaffold for self regulating focus, attention and energy levels.

The programme is delivered over several weeks and daily work is for a few hours each day. A Davis Correction Programme may be needed later if Dyslexia becomes a barrier to learning.

The programme aims to:

For further information visit: www.dyslexia.com/davisreading

young children reading


“Our son Charlie has been working with Alma for the past 6 months and the change in him is immeasurable. He has become a good student who is able to join in with fellow students, participate fully in class, control his frustration and now knows what it is like to have friends and be able to join in with play ground games. He is a joy to be around and every day he grows as he learns more of the main stream rules of life. Charlie will always be taught to embrace his Dyslexia because that's who he is but for him to be able to have a foot in each camp; well the world is his for the discovering. We will always be grateful to Alma for all that she has done and for what she will do into the future.”
~ parents of 7 year old boy

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