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Davis Maths Mastery

maths symbols - plus, minus, multiply and divide
“In a Maths problem, there are always three pieces of information. Two pieces are given. Doing Maths is simply finding the third piece of information.”

~ Ron Davis

The Davis Maths Mastery™ Programme focuses on helping with mathematical learning difficulties, often referred to as dyscalculia. Maths becomes easier when the foundation concepts for understanding all equations are achieved.

The length of a programme varies from 5 to 8 days depending on if a Davis Dyslexia Correction Programme has been previously completed.

Common Characteristics

For further information regarding Maths visit: www.dyslexia.com/math

random numerals


“Our daughter can finally get the numbers the correct way round. We knew she has always had difficulty with Maths but you have shown her a way that works for her……the school have commented on how much easier it is to help her.”
~ parents of 12 year old girl
“Thanks Alma for your Maths Mastery Programme. It has had profound benefits and not just in the area I was expecting. The use of order in my life has radically changed the way I operate……”
~ 23 year old female

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