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Timaru - Central Otago

Alma Holden, licensed Davis Facilitator

Alma Holden

Davis Dyslexia Facilitator

Phone 027 485 6798
or email alma@dyslexiahelp4u.co.nz

Dyslexia-help4u has been offering Davis Dyslexia Programmes to Timaru, Canterbury, Central Otago, North Otago and Southland/Fiordland clients since 2006. I also work with private home-based teaching for home schooling families and often travel if required.

Reading “The Gift of Dyslexia” by Ronald Davis and attending a training seminar in Auckland run by Ron, left me in no doubt as to the authenticity and power these Davis Programmes give to motivated individuals.

The training process and journey I have undertaken has given me the understanding I need to really help individuals with the root causes of their dyslexia.

key to your learning style

The greatest gift of all is the blossoming of confidence and self-esteem – knowing that what they ‘see’, is in fact how they ‘think’ - which allows people to self discover the key to their learning style. These programmes answer many questions as students and adults improve remarkably during the programme, and the progress thereon is steady and permanent.

Overcoming dyslexia and utilizing their talents may be one of the most challenging, yet important things that an individual will do in their lives.

I am fully committed to supporting each person in their personal journey and I am empathetic of all issues that they may be facing.

I work closely with schools as they strive to acknowledge dyslexia. This demonstrates a willingness to pursue effective methods in order to encompass different learning skills. A lack of knowledge in understanding dyslexia has resulted in few successfully developed programmes for teachers to use. Dyslexia is a “teaching difficulty/learning difficulty” that has been only recently acknowledged in NZ...it needs addressing now! Refer to www.davisdyslexia.co.nz and www.dyslexiafoundation.co.nz for teacher/school information.

Davis Dyslexia Facilitator training is thorough and extensive, ensuring we experienced all aspects of the programme; therefore we have full understanding of what a Davis programme is like for clients. Licensing is controlled by Davis Dyslexia Association International and after 400 hours of course and field work, annual relicensing ensures quality standards are maintained by licensed facilitators.

Once you have a new understanding about dyslexia, educate others so society can fully recognise, encourage and utilise the talents dyslexic people have.


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