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Davis Attention Mastery

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The Davis Attention Mastery Programme is a drug free solution to ADD/ADHD. It enables individuals to better understand their own behaviour and its impact on others.

Often other learning difficulties such as dyslexia, maths or co-ordination are present also. The Davis approach allows all these areas to be addressed.

Common Characteristics

This drug free approach goes to the root cause of why some people have trouble controlling their attention, energy levels and social interaction.

For further information visit: www.davisdyslexia.com/add-adhd

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“Thanks for helping me get focused. I didn’t know that my friends didn’t like me when I was hyper.”
~ 10 year old
“Our son is so much easier to be with and now he listens. We see him using his tools to help in different situations. Your Davis Programme has made me realise how much his behaviour was affecting everyone around him. I used to make excuses for him but now I understand him. Many many thanks, till our catch up…”
~ mother of 10 year old

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