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Adult Dyslexia

success in tertiary education and at work
A person's way of thinking reflects their preferred learning style.

The Davis method allows an individual to start addressing their problem, then work towards achieving their potential in the workforce and personal life.

Often in the workplace or during tertiary studies, anxiety and stress can lead to frustration at not being able to pass exams, gain higher qualifications or stand in the way of promotion.

Most adult dyslexics will exhibit at least 10 of the following traits and behaviours. These characteristics are often inconsistent, and often vary depending upon the day or situation.



adults holding jigsaw pieces


woman with book and papers thinking

Maths, Time Management, Directions

man reading a report

Reading, Writing and Spelling

Behaviour, Health and Personality

racing to keep up

Adapted from Common Characteristics of Adult Dyslexia © 2008 by Karen LoGiudice, New England Dyslexia Solutions – used with permission.


“I was fortunate to participate in the Davis Dyslexia programme with Alma. The one-on-one tutoring was extremely beneficial with everything being tailored to suit my needs. The content was relevant and delivered in an orderly and structured manner. Alma made sure that I fully understood each step before moving on and kept the programme interesting. I learnt more than I was expecting gaining a range of skills and tools. These will help me in my role as branch manager dealing with client and staff as well personally. I would thoroughly recommend the course.”
~ 48 year old male
“I had no idea that reading could be easier by picturing the scene, even with my university work I can do it. The little words I have done in clay already make the picture even clearer. I am still working with getting those ideas into sequence and order, the stick-its are so easy to work with.”
~ 25 year old female

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